And Now We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Weaving

What a couple of weeks!  In the past month I have had three kitchen appliances die; first the dishwasher, then the microwave, and most recently the refrigerator.  All three were replaced in the past two weeks.  Last week was the Weavers' Guild of Boston monthly meeting and a two-day workshop on weaving fringes, and I hosted the teacher for four days.  Now the craziness is past (I hope) and the next couple of months should be an orgy of weaving.


2014-10-14 19.44.00.jpg

That's seven skeins of 30/2 silk yarn to be added to the thirteen skeins of the other four colors for the tartan.  If you're a knitter, you probably wind skeined yarn into balls, but that doesn't work too well for yarn the size of heavy sewing thread.  I will be using my electric bobbin winder to wind it from an umbrella swift onto spools.  Cones would work, too, but my cone winder is manual.  For the next couple of days, I will alternate winding spools with weaving off the last four yards of the skirt fabric.

Meanwhile, here's a picture from the fringe workshop.  Wouldn't it look great in multi-colored yarn, sewn onto the ends of a rayon chenille throw?  (Future project #854...)