The first scarves have shipped!

Happy Thanksgiving!  (For the Americans in the audience, anyway.)  

It's later than I had planned, but I finally shipped the first scarves on Monday.  Three more have been woven and will be finished after I return from a Thanksgiving trip to visit family in Indiana.  No more cables have broken on the loom, but I have ordered another 20 feet of coated wire cable and extra ferrules just in case.  

Thanks to an unusual feature of the AVL loom I'm using, I can remove a scarf from the loom as soon as the one behind it is woven:

This lets me finish a set of three scarves and ship them without having to wait until I have woven all twelve scarves on the warp.  

Each set of three scarves is washed to shrink the yarns together into a stable cloth ("fulling").  Silk shrinks 12-15% in each direction when first washed, so I had to allow for that when I calculated how big to weave the scarves.  

After washing, I trim the thread ends from the edges, where I changed colors as I wove the scarf.  I then steam press it and trim the fringe to 4" long.  

Having now woven six scarves, I have a more realistic idea of how long it takes to make one.  I have recalculated the expected finish dates   The best case scenario is three scarves a week until the last of the current twelve is shipped on December 15.  Then I'll spend a few days warping the loom for the next batch of 15 scarves before weaving can begin again.  I know some of you were hoping to get your scarves from the second batch by Christmas, so I'm going to try to up that to four scarves a week, but I can't promise it.

If you compare the original stole to one of these scarves, you will see that the colors differ slightly, particularly in the dark gray that makes up 38% of the yarn used.  The supplier of the stole's yarn does not make the lighter weight I needed for scarves, so I had to find a different source.  For the next batch, my new supplier is custom dyeing a darker charcoal for us (to be known in her product line as "Scottish Charcoal"!)  She carries all weights of silk yarn, so I will be able to produce the same look in both scarves and stoles.  

I need to go finish packing now.  In the morning my husband, our daughter, and I are flying to Indiana to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  I wish you all safe travels and a peaceful Thanksgiving.

- Susan