And now, the news you've all been waiting for...

The recent publicity about Cait naming the tartan as her favorite fan gift has brought a new set of requests for the next opportunity to pre-order a scarf or stole. So, next Saturday afternoon the website will accept orders for three additional stoles on the existing wait list and eight more scarves. The website Products page will be available beginning at 2:00 pm EST (Boston time) on Saturday, December 20. Delivery won't be for about four months or more, I'm afraid, but I'm getting faster and may be able to improve on that estimate. 

Nine scarves have shipped as of today, and the last three from this warp will be out next week. Being a borderline OCD control freak with a 100-page To Do list, I give my studio projects sequential numbers.  The current batch is #150. I originally planned on ten scarves per warp, but was able to weave twelve on the first warp and will wind a 15-scarf warp for #151, the first wait list set. Since only ten wait list slots were sold for #151, several of the people on the second scarf wait list have been bumped up to project 151 and others from the third scarf wait list have moved up to the second one, opening up the eight slots on the third wait list. This is the same reason that three new stoles will be offered on the #152 wait list.  No matter which batch your scarf or stole comes from, all orders are being filled in the order that the wait list spots were purchased.

One of the nice features of the loom I'm using is that I can do this:  

Scarves can be cut off and removed while I'm still weaving at the other end of the loom.  I'm finishing and shipping the scarves in sets of three.  

As soon as the last scarf is finished, I'll begin warping the loom for scarves #151.  But first, if there's any warp left (and there'd better be, or I'm not being conservative enough on my calculations), I will weave off fabric for use in making some small things.  Any ideas?  The fabric is a medium weight silk twill, very drapy, suitable for covering blank books or perhaps making travel jewelry bags.  I would love to hear your suggestions for what to make (and sell!) with a piece of 11"-wide fabric.

The only hitch in starting the next batch of scarves is that I don't have the yarn for it yet.  My yarn supplier offers 100 colors, but dyes them on demand, so I have to give plenty of notice.  The darkest gray she had for #150 is not as dark as I would like, so she is custom-dyeing a darker shade that will be called "Scottish Charcoal".  She's been incredibly helpful during the process, but it still takes time.  The estimated ship date is next Friday, the 19th.  As soon as I get that shipment, I'll turn around and order the yarn for the next batch, to get ahead of things.  Each order is over $700, so it's not something I can easily stock up on too far in advance.

Just to whet your appetite for the wait lists, here's what a shipment looks like:

2014-12-13 10.03.42.jpg

I'll be chronicling the process for scarves #151 step by step, so stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

- Susan